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Webster University Georgia
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The AmCham Corporate Social Responsibility Committee was officially launched in February 2012. CSR Committee provides insight on how the CSR programs can be implemented, such as how to effectively monitor and track such efforts and gauge whether they contribute in a meaningful way to awareness and creating a positive impact.

We are interested to hear from members who might have a vision for the direction of our work. One area of interest is volunteerism. AmCham is very interested to try and help provide a structure so that member companies can encourage volunteerism amongst their employees.

Ultimately, we would like this committee to turn into a constant platform for sharing best CSR practices and help improve the business climate in Georgia.

Recent Activity


CSR Committee Meeting

AmCham CSR committee held a meeting with the international consultant from UN Women Ms. Rut Gomez Sobrino, who has presented her future Campaign Strategy that will be implemented through 2019 in Georgia. The goal of the Campaign is to engage private sector firms in the implementation of the WEPs with the aim of enhancing gender equality in the business sector in the country. CSR Committee members shared their companies' as well as their personal experiences with each other and Ms. Gomez.

[photos of the event (7)]


AmCham President, Michael Cowgill at the Global Compact CSR meeting.

AmCham President, Michael Cowgill attended the Global Compact CSR meeting.

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CSR Committee Meeting

On May 19th we gave our Corporate Social Responsibility committee a new start with Rusudan Kbilashvili, from Wissol Group, chair of the committee.

Rather than engaging in more discussions about what we should do - we have used a piece of BP research on CSR to help us identify some potential priority areas.

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